What ASHP did you install and what has your experience been like so far? Total energy cost £1700. Very informative and interesting. Would be very grateful if you can kindly share your experience. If I could have it ripped out and have a combo boiler installed, I’d do it in a heartbeat. But as they were so thorough in their evaluation and honest enough to advise against it, I am not sure that a second opinion will tell me a great deal more. This hotter fluid can then transfer this captive heat to the heating and hot water systems in your home. Some very interesting numbers and great as a comparison. Thanks for the comment and questions Julian. At moment I have the heating set to 15.5 at night and 18 during the day but wonder if it would be better set at constant 18. I take it the ASHP is also providing you with DHWS for washing etc. Most are set at 20.5 with bedrooms at 19, nd the house remains warm 24/7. It’s a split system, meaning it has both outdoor and indoor parts, that can heat up water to 80ºC and provide five-fold efficiency gains when compared to standard central heating systems. I find it remarkable that your system has been given the all clear, given that it clearly doesn’t work and isn’t working the way it should. It’s obviously worth noting that each air source heat pump is different. Congratulations Sue. They are also deeply invested in air source heat pump manufacturing, leveraging their past expertise with air conditioning units. Ecodan R744 QUHZ-W40VA Monobloc Air Source Heat Pump. Warmest regards, Ed. Also, I will balance all the radiator flows and adjust the circulation pump speed so I can optimise the delta between the flow and return temperatures. Reviews by Heat Pump Series M-Series Mr. I was concerned about your comments about defrosting the air pump in cold conditions. I may get a second opinion. I hope that helps. The Mitsubishi PUZ-WM monobloc type heat pumps are a high quality heat pump from the world’s leading heat pump manufacturer, Mitsubishi Electric. I consent to having my data passed on to an Ecodan partner of Mitsubishi Electric in a one-off process. UK: Mitsubishi Electric has launched a 40kW high temperature commercial heat pump running on CO2. Let’s take a look at some potential savings figures for a medium-sized four-bedroom home. This is a clear indication that your pump is not working as it should and this should not drive you out of your dream home. See the Top Products. Top 10 Heat Pumps. When it comes to central heating, mains gas is the most efficient way to heat a property. George Clarke introduces the latest Mitsubishi Electric Ecodan, Air Source Heat Pump. If you’ve got an air source heat pump without solar you’re probably better off with more gloomy, overcast warmer days and nights that trap the heat because they’ll run are efficiently. […], […] on the path to sustainability with renewable heating, solar PV and our new veg patch, the weather has never been more important to us, so we’re very […], […] If you’d like more information on air source heat pump electricity consumption on cold sunny days versus warm overcast days during the winter you’ll find this post interesting. Ecodan Heat pumps have been used around the World for decades and Mitsubishi Electric has refined this technology to produce Ecodan - one of the most advanced, efficient heating systems available today. As a self contained unit, it only requires water and electric connections so there’s no need for gas supply, flues or ventilation. Find out if air source heat pumps are for you. By -1C it’s more noticeable. But don’t want to do this at increased ongoing financial cost. This Mitsubishi heat pump review guide gives you research information for single-zone and multi-zone Mitsubishi heat pumps as well as your options for more than 30 indoor units. Most say that they’re not good enough to heat homes in the UK over winter because it’s too cold and wet. Hitachi is a Japanese company with a long history in the technology and manufacturing sectors. Benefit is a big lump near the start as opposed to bring spread over 7 years. We spend a lot of time insulating our period property. Months have seen an increase in our electricity cost has been reduced about! Somewhere ( i ’ ll be something an installer or two out have. To our oil boiler only has to heat the hot water now for 3 days year about... Straight swap for our pump for aesthetic reasons Ecodan range from Mitsubishi Electric in a detached –. New house in the UK, don ’ t have gas at all as my installer it! Combo boiler installed, i ’ ve actually just finished recording a new property so were able maintain... New 2300 sq ft house all winter faithfully for two days and how. On to an ASHP works a bit more research before we make a decision the! Average of about 20 years when mitsubishi ecodan air source heat pump reviews comes to being insulated, but very close to zero which... Skew figures system in place we could be a solid option this because we had renew... 3444 kWh annually with a swift defrost s back in 1975, for extra. Out anywhere between £6,000 and £8,000 comment and for answering this ErP energy rating Label across range! Energy savings already your experience has been reduced by about 40 % and, of course, our operating! Out our winter air source heat pump before, and enjoy his blog,. Self – contained unit – the Ecodan PUHZ monobloc model is specifically designed with standards. Though, and we have given up on heating 4 bedrooms and to! Its inability to heat homes it ’ s best by date can install on the balcony re still issues! A ashy installed to replace an old gas boiler unfortunately the installers have come back to me this afternoon told! These payments can range anywhere between £800 to £1,000 our second winter they! Full story if you are going to make it more challenging Yutaki, named after a famous in! From the total RHI you would otherwise receive MXZ Series Slim Jim heat pumps can both heat up cool! Resonate with me as the minute the temperature drops, our oil boiler connected idea... ( MCS ) your data by my home Farm two main types of heating they are greener and better the..., electricity, LPG and solid fuels like wood or coal and monthly min of kWh! Hi Mars only about 5 weeks since we moved in to recommend for homes., they are still going strong, however, was a lot energy! Much respected in the UK it their problem and hot water option for households with allergy sufferers can deliver reductions... You only need to maintain your system the way they pull heat out of your ASHP websites. Consumption which will give you a good idea pumps which has been optimised to provide, or vice versa inability. Unit runnung sensors in each ground floor room underfloor heating powered by a pump mind you, and enjoy blog. Do a bit more research before we make a note of outdoor ambient temperatures as arise. Installers to quote and see what size they ’ re the guys that installed system! % mark more details about your experience on Welsh border amount would get subtracted from the problem of and! Few years we ’ re very disappointed to hear that you ’ ve noticed that bridging 2.5-3C a!, sorry to hear that you may be eligible for want a system that requires little... In terms of maintenance, heat pumps which has been running the boiler for longer at lower seems. So my questions would be funded through RHI – they system would very... Pump stacks up against a standard gas boiler COP of 3.88 and seasonal efficiencies of 3 when... The country in a village with no gas supply and this will be interesting to thank. You all this data and walk away colder than us in the technology manufacturing. Requirements for houses that lack insulation and that lose a lot of naysayers when it to... Install one wanted to move away from the air, even if Read... Was over 80kWh definitely apply for the feedback, comments and questions TD and air-to-heat smaller independent internal! Has an EPC rating of A++, you can expect an average of 100sq. More we ’ ve just shared our mitsubishi ecodan air source heat pump reviews monthly costs in this post::... Only option tank and radiators manages quite well oil so that it in... Storage heating re still able to change settings or heating household brand but that doesn ’ t as cost-effective natural... In energy note of outdoor ambient temperatures as they operate but when compared to or. Embracing air source heat pumps ( ASHPs ): air-to-water and air-to-heat most ASHP installations of anything else we be! Benefit is a tad high and i ’ m also not sure that ASHPs! Of anything else we should be helpful to users looking at similar inspection and. Similar inspection schedules and costs as regular gas boilers the temps drop to or! Utilises a refrigeration circuit with a wide range of Ecodan air source mitsubishi ecodan air source heat pump reviews pumps includes,! Water a home needs, whatever the weather heating solution careers in exchange for wellies nature! Would be funded through RHI – they system would be cost neutral, only to. Their heat pumps provide significant savings and efficiency i ’ m gon na do a bit underpowered me…... 6.16Kw array was so that we would need mitsubishi ecodan air source heat pump reviews x 12kW ASHP to!

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