It’s a prettier shade than the photo shows with more life. While similar in appearance to standard glassware, crystal is a high-quality glass … This is a large pattern with many pieces, especially in clear. We have just a couple of pieces in our store. Cameo is another Hocking pattern with tons of pieces to choose, including stemware, tumblers, accessory pieces and a full dinner set. The Cherry Blossom pattern is one of the most popular and beautiful Depression glass patterns out there. It is fairly easy to find most pieces in amber, quite affordable. Here is a link to a tablescape we did with all Lorain green depression glass, and just one picture from that to give you an idea how gorgeous this glass is. You can find two shades of yellow, a clear light topaz yellow and a darker color called apricot. 1929-1933 Cube or Cubist Pink Depression Glass Butter Dish Pamela Y. Wiggins Georgian Green Sherbet Dish . Cherry Blossom is one of the most lovely depression glass patterns. Swirl is a neat pattern that looks plain until you see a few pieces together. Colors: Pink, green, clear and vitrock (opaque white). American Sweetheart is one of the most beloved patterns and you can readily find most pieces. If you love collecting pink Depression glass, it's a good idea to familiarize yourself with more patterns in this beautiful color. These reproductions and remakes are easy to tell so you should not worry about being fooled. Radiance straddles the border between depression glass and the better-made elegant glass. Thank you for your informative website. The glassware is soft pink or white-blue, and it is one of the most delicate patterns available. Cherry Blossom is one of the most lovely depression glass patterns. Moderntone has the classic good looks of Art Deco – and those rings look a little outer space. The #1 pieces have scalloped rims or feet and the #2 are round. Some of the patterns consist of entire dinner sets. The candy jar shown is the real depression glass. Old Cafe has two narrow panels between one wider panel. Adams Rib is not well known which is a shame since it has a refined elegant look. Colors: Cobalt blue, amethyst, some clear, pink and fired on colors. It’s not depression glass although the pattern is Lorain because Indiana made it in the late 1960s. You’ll want to check those ridges carefully for little nicks. Yes, you can spend a lot on a few rare pieces but you can get everything you need without too much difficulty. Maker: MacBeth Evans Queen Mary is quite plentiful and among the less expensive patterns. The handles are rounded on #1 and angular on #2. The markings have more to do with the exact production date since Federal marked only some glass. Maker: Uncertain, probably Belmont Tumbler. Colors: Amber, green and pink. Although plates have rims the interior edge is rounded which helps a lot to reduce damage. Originally Federal released a fanciful pattern they named Mayfair. Early collectors nicknamed this Hairpin for the scallop lines. Colors: Yellow, amber, clear and clear with trims. We’ve only had the blue. The design was modified from Monongah’s Springtime plate etching to allow the Cameo pattern to be mass produced. Miss America remains one of the most popular patterns. Block Optic is the old reliable in depression glass. Rosemary is heavy and durable, about the only point to check is surface wear. She was raised near Fostoria. Princess plate shapes and styles are quite a bit like Mayfair, square with the corners scalloped. Miss America was one of the patterns people used for their good dishes. Vintage Pink Depression Glass Diamond Pattern Dish Platter Doubleyellowamazon. Colors and pattern are identical on both and you can mix and match the colors and the shapes. When pink Depression glass hit the market in the early 1930s, a bevy of names described the color: Cheri-Glo, flamingo, rose glow, rose tint, and wild rose. 12 Depression Glass Peach Pink Shot glasses Shooter Whiskey vodka thick Base C $25.61. Colors: Pink, clear with a few pieces of green. Colors: Amber, pink, iridescent and a few pieces in clear and green. The design is narrow ribs with smooth bands near the rim. Whether you collect Depression glass or simply love the style and history of these antiques, you'll enjoy these beautiful designs. There are enough pieces you can have fun with it. Oyster and Pearl has 8 pieces total, all bowls, candle holders or relish trays. Here are our Lorain pieces in stock. There is a similar pattern from Imperial Glass called Lindburgh made only in clear and had different shaped pieces. Free shipping on many items ... VINTAGE 1935-38 "MISS AMERICA" PINK DIAMOND PATTERN DEPRESSION GLASS 12" CAKE . The pattern has a dancer draped in scarves, likely Isidore Duncan, in small cameos around the rim connected with swags and flowers. Colors: Clear, pink and green. Jeannette made a lot of interesting pieces and most are reasonably available and in the moderately expensive range. I am trying to identify these patterns. Pink or clear could be Cube but it would be good to get a book that shows Cube and get familiar with the pieces. Learn how your comment data is processed. The green and blue are simply wrong colors. Adams Rib by Diamond Glassware – Depression Glass Pattern, Depression Glass On Parade – Pattern Photos. Fortune is a pretty pattern that has only a few pieces, enough to set the table for lunch. Georgian Lovebirds is one of my favorite patterns. Colors: Green, and you may find clear, pink or black. There are 2178 pink depression glass patterns for sale on Etsy, and they cost $25.44 on average. Newport Amethyst Depression Glass Sugar Bowl. Pillar Optic is attractive, especially in green, and looks fresh and simple on the table. Crystal Glassware. Colors: Mostly pink, green, topaz yellow with a few pieces of light blue. […] Depression Glass On Parade – Pattern Photos – Depression Glass On Parade shows pictures of many of the most popular depression glass patterns. Thank you. Colors: Clear, iridescent and later in the 1950s and 1970s fired on colors. I’ve a soft spot for Normandie because the first piece of depression glass I bought was a Normandie dinner plate. So thank you! The pattern is bold and striking. Depression glass was manufactured in various colors. Most pieces are square and there are many to choose among. Colors: Colors of the era. Depression Glass Patterns: A Picture Identification Guide, starting a collection of Depression glass, Pink Depression Glass Styles and Patterns, How to Determine Value of Waltham Watches, Decorating With Antiques and Collectibles, Deep Cleaning Checklist: Easy Guide to Clean Like a Pro, Capricorn-Aquarius Cusp and Its Complexities Explained, Martin Luther King Jr. Facts and Resources for Kids, Choosing a Tent and Sleeping Bag for Winter Camping. Apparently it was sold to retailers only as a premium – pieces were given away with a purchase. From shop Doubleyellowamazon. Mismatch Pink Depression Glass Replacements/Shabby Pink Glassware/New Listing/Pink Creamer Cup/Pink Tea Cup/On sale/KrazyVintageGypsies ... 1930's Indiana Glass creamer Horseshoe pattern canary yellow depression glass SomeOtherStuff. You can get a dinner set but the accessory and pieces like the candy dish and olive dish are more interesting. Hocking named this pattern to capitalize on the fascination Americans had with English royalty, especially during the depression. Pink pieces are very rare due to limited production. by Gene Florence which has a thorough description of the fakes. There are no Roulette small bowls or dinner plates. Federal made the iridescent after the depression era; it is a dark marigold color. If you have pieces you would like help with please post photos on our Facebook page here. CD contains 200 patterns with over 1900 pictures. Found a saucer in a box of other mixed green depression glass that I have not been able to identify. Newport is one of the easiest depression patterns to find in amethyst glass. Colors: Amber, pink, green and a few pieces of clear. Waterford was named to evoke the richness of fine hand-cut crystal but this pattern is mass-produced depression glass. These Depression glass patterns are made in crystal clear colors and five other colors namely blue, pink, burgundy, green and yellow. Colors: Clear, with some amber and other colors that are scarce. Vernon is pretty but not there were only a few pieces made. Being familiar with Depression glass patterns will help you learn to identify fakes as well. The glass has poppies strewn all over it, giving the nickname “Poppy”. Royal lace Pattern This is one of the most sought Depression glass. American Sweetheart is a very popular depression glass pattern. It is quite pretty and the serving and accessory pieces are fun. Pink is more costly but you’ll find most pieces are still affordable and can be found. If you have a piece of Depression glass and need to know if the pattern is fake, the first step is identifying glass markings on the piece. […]. Replacements has a decent selection of yellow Lorain, including all the plates, creamer, sugar, relish, a couple bowls and tumblers. I think my mother’s home had several Fostoria glass platters. Colors: Mostly pink with some iridescent and clear. Colors: Amber, green with some pink and clear. According to, it was made between 1930 and 1939. Some are crystal clear colored glass like pink, pale blue, green and amber. The shapes look more solid and don’t have the scallops of other Federal patterns. Topaz and green are most likely to be Lancaster. Sharon is not too prone to damage other than surface wear. The Cherry Blossom pattern is one of the most popular and beautiful Depression glass patterns out there. Check the ribs as well as the rims for damage. The pattern came in pink, blue, green, clear, and other shades. The beauty of these colors has led Royal Lace, which was produced in complete sets in both Ritz Blue and Sunset Pink, to be one of the most popular Depression glass patterns sought by collectors. Made between 1930 and 1936, American Sweetheart is a classic Depression glass pattern by Macbeth-Evans. (Glass makers were not that creative with their pattern names.) Stack the plates and bowls with paper plates between to keep from rubbing on the raised bands on the rims. You’ll want to watch for damage on the inner rims as they tend to get nicked. $43.00. My book says a few pieces in clear or blue. Look through the pictures provided below of the different pink depression glass patterns. C $79.99. Colors: Pink, green, a few pieces in delphite opaque blue, ultramarine, yellow and clear. Patrician is a good contrast to Parrot. Pink Depression Glass Old Colony Open Lace Edge Bowl Plate Platter Dish 6PC Mix. This Depression glass pattern was put out by Anchor Hocking. Jeannette’s Adam is popular and some pieces are hard to find. Colors: Cobalt blue, some pink, green and clear. The cheese dish, candy jar, shakers creamer and sugar are the only pieces said to be reproduced and they just look wrong. Machine molded, pink depression came in hundreds of shapes, mold etchings, and pieces. Cameo Pattern. C $175.00. If you find amber or olive green they are Whitehall. Colors: Pink with some green, monax white, crystal and a piece or two in yellow. Sometimes called the "spoke pattern," this Depression glass pattern was manufactured by Federal from 1933 to 1937. You will find some at almost every antique store and the range of pieces is astonishing. This means that before you can establish how much your item is worth, you need to know as much as you can about the piece you have. The pattern with the greatest amount of These can get small nicks and rough spots so be sure to check for inner rim roughness. Colors: Clear, pink with some Royal Ruby. We specialize in Cameo depression glass listed here. Colors: Green,yellow, a little pink and clear.

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