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January 2015

Thereafter, I Became Blind

Thereafter, I Became Blind is the first official project of Lilavati. It is currently being developed on the Jehuti engine.

It is currently in a phase that might be called pre-production if we were calling ourselves a studio of industry veterans, so please accept and endure the general lack of content. Bits and pieces of background should however pop up over the next few months.


Jehuti - The Discourse Engine and Editor
Jehuti is a currently in-development open source game engine written in Python.

It is tailored to the needs of Lilavati games:
  • Our discourse gameplay model as a core scene
  • Animated cutscenes
  • Point'n'click sequences
  • Dynamic lighting, particles and shader magic in general


Jehuti is based on the Pygame library, itself built upon SDL.