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New Business Model

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Submitted by AHasvers on Sun, 12/27/2015 - 05:12

Yes, we are alive (one never wearies of the royal we). An important message today, so that the year does not end without exciting news from Lilavati.

As a reaction to recent trends in videogame development and marketing, I have been reconsidering my options for our business model. Here are my ideas so far:

  • The macrotransaction: You pay me 40k a year + benefits, and I will make a whole new game just for you.
  • The megatransaction: You give me a home and food, adopt me legally, and make me sole heir to your earthly possessions, and I will conceive a whole new artform dedicated to your undying glory.
  • The Omegatransaction: You build me a civilization of alabaster temples and eternal flames, drenched in the blood of slaves and conquered nations, and I will code self-replicating nanobots and send them across space to arrange the furthest galaxies into q-gravitational parallel processors, software writ in exotic rules upon the hardware of physics itself, so that the whole universe becomes the chessboard for an Absolute Game of Life, a slowed-down simulation of itself starting back from the Big Bang and following every single particle in digital glory, identical to its former self except for a very single detail: a new costume pack is now available for your characters in our latest expansion!