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Proud to announce birth of little Līlāvatī

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Submitted by AHasvers on Fri, 01/02/2015 - 12:43

And so it begins, in sweat and tears and endless fiddling with internal organs.

Welcome to all the ghosts and GoogleBots who have followed a star from hyperlink to hyperlink to deliver presents of bandwidth use and search engine ranking.

Welcome, more probably, to visitors from the future who have enough free time to spend it digging through blog archives, hoping perhaps to find a relic of the golden time when Līlāvatī was still human-sized rather than a Microsony-owned multi-billion juggernaut.

Welcome indeed, sit here near the fire, and let us watch History as it is born. Maybe.

PS: We have a Twitter account. It is currently barren, but we have good hope that it shan't stay so: