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Thereafter, I Became Blind

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Metascholarship Reviews vol. 3 pp 212-215

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On the hunt and trade of wild Truth in cryptoacademia

Authors: Sand, A. et al. (1973)




Few accounts remain of scholarly behaviour and interactions in their ancestral environment. A sharp decrease in the availability of niche nootopes in modern society has proved efficient in containing, then exhausting the original population, thanks to the ongoing effort of public health authorities [1,2].

Thereafter, I Became Blind

Thereafter, I Became Blind is the first official project of Lilavati. It is currently being developed on the Jehuti engine.

It is currently in a phase that might be called pre-production if we were calling ourselves a studio of industry veterans, so please accept and endure the general lack of content. Bits and pieces of background should however pop up over the next few months.

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