Dramatis Personae

We are the Parliament of Lanterns - Permanent Underground Symposium for Poets, Philosophers and Dissidents.

"Sure, let the abyss gaze back. The moment it blinks, that's when you strike."

-- Camille Verlet, a.k.a. Meister Gödel, in Weaponized Metaphysics.

You are Providence - A trail of Mistakes, Mysteries and Miracles.

"Thus his death, my birth and our subsequent enmity were largely caused by the misplacement of analogous, though unrelated, diminutive felt hats."

-- Manfred C., a.k.a. Meister Cantor, on the Small Hat Incident.

On the hunt and trade of wild Truth in cryptoacademia

Authors: Sand, A. et al. (1973)


Few accounts remain of scholarly behaviour and interactions in their ancestral environment. A sharp decrease in the availability of niche nootopes in modern society has proved efficient in containing, then exhausting the original population, thanks to the ongoing effort of public health authorities [1,2].

Yet, it is known that a residual strain persists in what we may, for all practical purposes, characterize as intellectual wilderness: philosophical squats, itinerant salons and, allegedly, substrata in our largest conurbations [3-7].

To further our understanding of such deviances, we tasked multiple graduate fellows with field investigations. Human losses were kept to a minimum in the process of refining our methodology, and we now have a preliminary model of the target genus, its overarching drive to elaborate on Truth or Beauty, and the surprising variety of ties that develop within and between its communities.


Scholasticism (supra: Clinical Psychopathology), Secret Lineages, Unlawful Assembly.
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