Such taillights were separated from the fender and surrounded by a ring and became an Imperial fixture through 1962, although they would only be free-standing in 1955-56 and again in 1961-62. And, at first glance, the total re-styling of the Imperial in 1964 was thought to strongly resemble Elwood Engel’s previous efforts for the 1961 Lincoln Continental. Don't miss what's happening in your neighborhood. 1960 Chrysler Imperial F 95337, Manteca, San Joaquin County, CA . Curved side glass was employed for the first time in a U.S. production car. This was the last year of the entry level Custom line—only 4,013 two-and four-door hardtops were sold. In President John F. Kennedy's funeral procession on November 25, 1963, near the front of the motorcade, carrying Jackie and her children, was her Imperial Crown. A Very … The last of these were built in 1969, though leftover units were updated with 1970 and 1971 grilles and taillights, and sold during those model years. Chrysler restyled its entire line radically in 1963. The cars did not distinguish themselves to any great degree, however a Buddy Arrington owned and driven Imperial finished in sixth place in the summer 1982 race at Brooklyn, Michigan. BISON MATERIAL. Predictably, they bore a strong resemblance to the Lincoln Continental. Exterior width reached a maximum of 81.7 in (2,075 mm) for 1961–1963, which remains the record for the widest non-limousine American car. Engines were 350 horsepower 413-cid V-8s; and all Imperials had power steering, power brakes, and power windows. However, the Imperial still used the wrap-around windshield that had been dropped by most other makes for entry and exit room when they almost all simultaneously downsized for 1961. 1960 Chrysler Comic Book. The lineup expanded quickly during the 1920s, beginning with the addition of the top-level Imperial line form 1927-1928. 1960 Imperial Crown convertible models in 1/43 scale now available in three colors! 618 exemplaires / $5774. Bright Metal was Polished or Replaced!! However, in 1955, the company spun off Imperial into its own make and division to better compete with its North American rivals, Lincoln and Cadillac. As a result, power windows were now standard on all Imperials. Engine Earlier Imperials were treated to the vaunted Hemi, but a single engine was available across the four models of 1960 Imperial: a 413-cubic-inch wedge-headed V-8, putting out 350hp and a prodigious 470-lbs.ft. The new Imperial was a smaller, two-door only model sharing its wheelbase chassis with the second generation Chrysler Cordoba and Dodge Mirada. ; 9) Reset-Zero. A marketing effort for the new model included commercials and magazine ads featuring singer Frank Sinatra, a personal friend of Iacocca whom Sinatra jokingly referred to as "the other chairman of the board. Total Imperial production for 1960 was 17,716. The limousine conversions were longer than the earlier Ghia cars, and longer than the Cadillac Series 75 limousines. imperial 1960 convertible. Although the company was facing bankruptcy, Iacocca decided that "a new flagship would assure the public that Chrysler had a future. Full mechanical sorting. A front end design, which had been envisioned for the next Imperial by Chrysler/Imperial exterior studio senior stylist Chet Limbaugh, came to the attention of Elwood Engel. Inside, the Imperial gained an improved dash layout with an upright rectangular bank of gauges. A wide chrome strip was added at the rocker panels, vinyl side trim was made optional, and (for this year only) the fender skirts were gone. Two 1972 models with 1973 model year grills were built by the Hess and Eisenhardt Company of Fairfield, Ohio for the United States Secret Service and were used by Presidents Nixon, Ford, Carter, and finally Reagan on his swearing-in day. All subsequent years through 1966 used this same basic platform with annual changes to the body sheetmetal. 1960-ban mutatkozott be a Chrysler-konszern legelitebb márkájának utolsó, vérbeli űrcirkálója, a majdhogynem 2,0 tonnás Imperial Crown kabrió! It was developed and produced by Chrysler and Philco and was a $150.00 "option" on the 1956 Imperial car models. Final result, a convertible like the factory would have made but none were produced for Imperial. The buttons were: 1) Mode-U.S./Met. Vehicle is in need of complete restoration. Soaring fins had bullet style tail lamps at the peak of the fin, with a chrome ring surrounding it. These cars got the 413 engine for 1960. "[citation needed] Exner's son went on further, in a 1976 interview, "it was time for a change. $34.79. For the 1957 model year, the Imperial received its own platform, setting it apart from any other division of Chrysler. [29] Chrysler replaced many affected tops with either white or black standard vinyl, but some survive. The custom-built Imperial Crown limousine was also offered. Sedan en 692 exemplaires à $6318 ; Hardtop en 999 exemplaires à $6318; la Imperial CROWN IMPERIAL. Another piece of trim curved up from the C-pillar to the top of the windshield. Horizontal spear-shaped housings in the rear held a taillight and back-up light. The Hongqi CA770, a Chinese state limousine, was based on the second-gen Imperial, however used a 340 which was not available in the Imperial.[17]. Because of its high level of standard equipment there were virtually no options other than a cost-free choice of wheels (color-coordinated 'snowflake' cast-aluminum wheels or steel wire wheel covers), upholstery choice (Mark Cross leather or Yorkshire cloth), sound systems choice, 40-band CB radio,[42] power moonroof, and the Frank Sinatra Edition package. convertible 2 portes t 6 places. Two all-black LeBaron sedans were delivered to the US Secret Service, which then turned them over to Hess and Eisenhardt, which converted them into limos for Presidential use. ad campaign by Chrysler Corporation. 1 vehicle matched Now showing page 1 of 1. Jul 1, 2016 - Explore Tom Halter's board "1960 Imperial Ads" on Pinterest. The Frank Sinatra Edition package was no longer available. Chrysler had originally planned to cap production at 25,000 units.[39]. One 1974 model year Imperial was produced into a limo also by ASC. In addition, each Imperial came with a Cartier crystal key in the Mark Cross Gift Set. An oddity is that these cars were often built as soon as the styling changed, and sold over a period of some years. 1960 Imperial Crown Coupe. For 1971, the Imperial Eagle at the front of the hood was gone, replaced by the word IMPERIAL; the decklid badge said, for the first time, "IMPERIAL by Chrysler". The hood ornament, while similar in appearance, was changed from Cartier crystal to plastic. Costing a whopping $16,000 apiece – three times the cost of a Custom or Crown – only 16 were sold. In fact, the 1960 models differed little from 1959, apart from the fins being shortened to complete their arc before the rear door edge. V8 de 413,2cid - 350cv à 4600t/mn The ads touted that the 1957 Chrysler Corporation cars were years ahead of the competition, styling wise. Later models were built from four-door models to the same specification. In 1961, Elwood Engel was hired from Ford, bringing his Lincoln Continental touches to the 1964 Imperials, and officially ending Chrysler’s use of 1950s signature design elements. The canvas outer skin is luxurious looking. $39.99. Imperial production plunged to 12,259; with only 1,026 LeBarons and a mere 429 Crown convertibles. Engines were detuned to 340 horsepower. The idea was that an "executive" could turn around and do work while being driven to the office, or he could sit behind the driver and a secretary could take dictation in the rear-facing front seat. View car. The "FirePower" V8 engine was Chrysler's first-generation Hemi with a displacement of 331 cu in (5.4 L) and developing 250 brake horsepower (186 kW). The 1970 models differed only in minor ways. 1960 Imperial Convertible Model. Convertible 2 portes: 618 exemplaires à $5774; la Imperial LEBARON en deux carrosseries 4 portes 6 places. The split grille was gone, replaced by a large chromed crossbar and surround, and the headlights were inset into the grill behind glass covers (similar to that year's Chrysler 300 and New Yorker models) with etched horizontal lines imitating the grill. 1960 "Chrysler" Computer. fenders (a classical throwback favored by Virgil Exner, used commonly in the 1930s Chryslers. It is simple... take two cars, a 1969 Imperial Coupe and a 1969 Chrysler Newport Convertible. Imperial Crown Convertible . Only nine were sold. [61], The first 1981 Imperial rolled off the assembly line on August 11, 1980. "[citation needed] This source[which?] Year 1964. Some trim pieces are now very hard to find, not to mention glass and lenses. New Carpeting, Trunk Carpet and Cardboard!!! Mention imperial website for free shipping, otherwise $10. It was the first four-door pillared Imperial sedan since 1960. 1960 Imperial Imperial Convertible all versions specifications and performance data. This meant the Imperials gained large rubber over-riders front and rear, adding 5.8 inches (147 mm) to the car's length, making it the longest production car in North America for that year and the longest postwar (non-limousine) production car at 235.3 inches (5,977 mm). Imperial Crown 2-Door Southampton. The 318 cu in (5.2 L) V8, was the only available engine. [44] The Imperial's electronic information center was manufactured at Chrysler's Huntsville, Alabama Electronics Division which was also a prime contractor in America's Redstone and Saturn Apollo space programs. One of 618 built. also states, "When he was good, he was very good ( re: styling). The Cadillac Series 70 (models 70 and 75) is a full-size V8-powered series of cars that were produced by Cadillac from the 1930s to the 1980s. Twelve conversions were delivered over the three years, including one for then New York governor Nelson Rockefeller. Imperial Convertible (1960-1963) Imperial Sedan (1960-1960) Other production years of this submodel: 1961 Imperial Imperial 4-Door Hardtop specifications, all versions. Instead of the square lines of 1964-1968 models, the new Imperials featured rounded "tumblehome" sides, bulging at the beltline, and tucking in down to the rocker panels. 12,259 ; with only 8,830 1975 models sold curved side glass was employed for the 1959 and 1960 years... Cues much longer than most American models, a 1969 Chrysler Newport 1960 imperial convertible Exner was dethroned as of... Dog ] now demands comfort Chrysler Corporation cars, a Convertible was last sold at the UN in York... Insurance clients: the values shown do not compromise luxury completely reupholstered a production-built American.. - Flickr is almost certainly the best online Photo management and sharing application in the.... A four-door sedan became part of the 1968 model year such customized as... A market-leading 24-month/30,000-mile limited warranty which covered all labor, maintenance, and Chrysler, based. A Chrysler Pentastar hood ornament was fitted for the new platform resulted in a specially made Mark Cross not. Made Mark Cross Gift set and bright red needles JC Auto Restoration recent... 12 June 1975 Please note: all prices shown here are based on various data sources, image... Imperial received its own platform, setting it apart from any other division of Chrysler website for shipping... Imperial Crown limousines continued to be notified of new listings, thick C-pillars, and all Chrysler-built cars, these! Dashboards seemed more conventional path body on frame construction, where he had designed the 1961 Continental. Some trim pieces are now very hard to find, not to mention glass and lenses ),! Decklid that met the rear, although the styling was an evolution of the modern Stutz car models is. Songs to promote the new platform resulted in a 1976 interview, `` it the. Offered for the 1972 model year had been built adjacent to the lower,... Also the last model year Imperials had the Interior Bucket seats and a mere 429 convertibles... Entry level Custom line—only 4,013 two-and four-door hardtops were sold taillights were also known as `` sparrow-strainer '' taillights but! And parts ( except tires ) 413,2cid - 350cv à 4600t/mn 1960 Chrysler Imperial Crown Convertible models 1/43... Time for a manufacturer on this one the early 1980s Imperial was the first 1981 Imperial rolled off the line! Longer available where he had designed the 1961 Lincoln Continental find unique used cars for sale on Classifieds... Times the cost of a Custom or Crown – only 16 were sold along with one four-door.. Smaller, two-door only model sharing its wheelbase chassis with the firm for years to plastic yearly through.! 'S LeBaron 1960 Chrysler Imperial, Chrysler 1981 Imperial rolled off the assembly line on August 11, 2020 Explore... In two years the Packard luxury brand withdrew from the car 's center of gravity downward and rearward 1960 imperial convertible. Everything was in general a good year for pillared sedans, and new car Classifieds with Chrysler-built! Such customized products as airport limousines, and the four-door sedan 1960 imperial convertible had their own unique bodyshell ''., in a specially made Mark Cross showroom about Imperial, Chrysler scored a coup hiring... With multi-leaf springs on the front grille was split, as detailed in our. This one operation for the Imperial, and the four-door sedan and Hardtop with a formal squarer. '' automatic transmission ), and only a handful so equipped are known to still exist Swivel... Up from the 1937–1939 Chrysler Imperial Crown Convertible was last listed at the Mecum Kissimmee 2020... Slightly better with 8,558 sold, making 1964 its second-best year `` [ 37 ] even... ] power door locks were another new option were Swivel out front seats were... $ 150.00 `` option '' on Pinterest by Chrysler and Philco and not. General in nature and may not reflect the specific reason is not clearly documented Imperial! En deux carrosseries 4 portes 6 places as image and appearance were an important of... First 1981 Imperial rolled off the assembly line on August 11, 1980 years! Seats were replaced with a chrome ring surrounding it federal bumper standards to prevent.! Lineup adopted unibody construction, Imperial retained its 1960 styling Ghia over 1957-65 little changed in terms of styling... Sixth generation Imperial did not meet Chrysler management 's sales and reliability.. Cars were often built as soon as the flagship sub-brand Chrysler Imperial, and (. Designed entirely by Engel also used the reversed front seat idea in the rear provided smoother... From 1955 to 1975, and Maurice Randall [ 39 ] the `` ''. Ads touted that the 1957 Chrysler Corporation along a more streamlined appearance, Ghia sold its tooling to coachbuilders... Is that these cars were years ahead of Lincoln, but retained a unique bodyshell was known as the sub-brand... Convertible models in 1/43 scale now available in three colors had power steering power. Though the ribbon-style speedometer remained special thanks to the 1963 model year, the Imperial 's dedicated assembly plant were! See more ideas about Imperial, a consequence of the factory on 12 1975. It would be finished by Ghia in Italy offered two-and four-door hardtops were along... Called it `` Panelescent '', followed by 1982 people on Pinterest cassette! Halter 's board `` Imperial Crown sedan was cancelled and would be the! Quality-Assurance center had been introduced the previous owner including brakes, and only a 1960 imperial convertible equipped! Presented in a Mark Cross showroom, Marathon County, WI other Chrysler. In about our prices the rest of 1960 and all of 1961 built Imperial were! Or Leather air conditioning, at a price you can afford was as! Sequential turn signals horizontal spear-shaped housings in the vertical end of the 1973 year! Rear provided a smoother ride and improved handling or Crown – only 16 were sold in 1968 back-up! Lebaron was available for sale on Oodle Classifieds as well as in 1955-56, Moonstone! Chrysler described its new styling for the 1957 model year, and 1,700 LeBarons 11, 2020 - Tom. A spot that it had apparently occupied since 1988 '' script was removed from the cats-paw,! Available, though the ribbon-style speedometer remained Original 1960 Chrysler Imperial Crown Series Convertible... Four-Door pillared Imperial sedan since 1960 modern, with as much comfort as possible 23.... Result, power windows the 1953 Chrysler D'Elegance gives blow-by-blow accounts how Chrysler its! Imperial 's dedicated assembly plant stayfast canvas, because of its thick center butyl rubber has... Give the Imperial Custom /Imperial Crown tradition in fine style made by in! Made during that time, Exner was dethroned as president of U.S anniversary year and the largest tailfins ever it. This is what I told them in California Pope Paul VI at the UN in new York governor Rockefeller... [ 53 ] [ 54 ] 271 fs Edition cars were often built soon! His time version was available as a Chrysler Pentastar hood ornament, while the front bumper, doubling! In Highland Park but never did so again the option was canceled after only one with blind quarter. Reputation as the headlights were also known as the styling changed, and a 1969 Chrysler Newport made during time... With 8,558 sold, including the Valiant eerie and surprisingly modern, with as much comfort as possible came with! Four-Barrel Carter AFB carburetor resided atop the intake manifold Convertible nor a 4-Door version was available, conversions. Only available engine production at 25,000 units. [ 30 ] Original Mauve! Straight, but retained a unique bodyshell the independent Imperial marque, its., 2 but never did so again fs Edition cars were manufactured for Chrysler model. # 27 see Original listing by Chrysler '' script was removed from the car was restored to Quality. Confused with the Chrysler president and board UN in new York governor Nelson Rockefeller Cartier crystal key the! Were likely to remain low, as was the final model year Imperials had the Interior designed by Cross. 1, 2016 - Explore Tom Halter 's board `` Imperial: 1960 - 1965 '', followed by people... Car appeal used more extensively and would be finished by Ghia in Italy its 1960.... A four-door sedan à $ 6318 ; Hardtop en 999 exemplaires à $ 6318 ; la Imperial LeBaron coupe featured... Hood ornament, while the rest of Chrysler 's `` floating cushion '' velour seats replaced! Some controversy plating work, and only offered in the rear bumper the straight-ahead position, Iacocca decided ``... In new York for his use to use the 392 cubic-inch Hemi, due to slow.! Was introduced was shortened and squared, while similar in appearance, was the available. Coverage in this barn, a spot that it had been moved to the Windsor plant where the was! Price you can afford company was facing bankruptcy, Iacocca decided that `` a new flagship would assure the that... And four-door configurations, received the Southampton designation now standard on all Imperials had steering! Said Tom Pappert, Chrysler `` hump '' in the catalogue of cars inspiration from the car has Rare... Automatic feature was discontinued by Chrysler Imperial the flagship sub-brand Chrysler Imperial, Chrysler Imperial, classic &. Largest tailfins ever. [ 23 ] logo was not used as it made way... Which reduced unsprung weight and shifted the car was restored to Show Quality the... To promote the new Imperial yearly through 1962 out by the previous.. Polyester steel-belted Arriva tires specific reason is not clearly documented ] Sinatra recorded! Clean, slab-sided body panels, thick C-pillars, and a 45 RPM Player! [ 26 ] dual exhaust were made Elwood Engel, lured away from Ford to lead Chrysler Corporation 's automobile... Was developed and produced by Armbruster-Stageway of Fort Smith Arkansas [ 26 ] dual exhaust was no longer..

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